About Us

SafeZones is a special security consultancy based in Munich/Germany, founded by Ofir Malka, a veteran of the Israeli Intelligence and Security Agency.

On Site Protection

We provide an Anti-Terror Protection Shield (ATPS) for events, festivals, fairs, launches, etc.) in addition to or in place of your existing security system.

Security Training

We train your security staff to identify and react to terror threats (tailor-made to the client’s need).

Security Equipment Upgrades

We provide your event and company with state of the art detection technology as well as access control systems, special tactical gear and drone capabilities.

We secure your event/business/venture!

With over 20 years of counter-terror experience, SafeZones gives you the knowledge for a secure event. Our customized process helps to identify threats and eliminate them.


SafeZones provides the ultimate solution for the increasing terror threat in Germany and Europe. Our concept is proven and unique, combining extensive experience, our “human factor” and state of the art technology. SafeZones gives you the Anti-Terror Protection Shield your event/festival or company requires.


Our team brings along many years of counter-terror experience in the Israeli Intelligence and Security Agency.

Technical Knowledge

In order to be a few steps ahead, we use state of the art detection technology. We also offer an upgrade to your security and tactical gear.

Human Factor

Our well-trained special agents will screen the crowd and give your event the ultimate Anti-Terror Protection Shield (ATPS).

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